David L. Boren Awards for International Study

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Boren Fellowship Campus Representatives, Faculty, and Advisors

We greatly value the assistance of all advisors, faculty, and other educators in promoting the Boren Fellowships and advising potential applicants. 

Recruit applicants and publicize the program

Boren relies on you to publicize the fellowship opportunity on your campus to students, administrators, and faculty.  Keep in mind that graduate students are often very involved with their own programs and may know little about the campus-wide events. Therefore, using contacts within individual schools is often a more effective way to publicize Boren to interested graduate students.  Access suggestions and resources for publicizing the program.  

In order to be eligible for a Boren Fellowship, students  must be matriculated at an accredited U.S. institution of higher education located within the United States and be pursuing a graduate degree at the time the award is made.  Candidates who are applying for graduate school at the time of application deadline are eligible to apply for the Boren Fellowships, but must provide proof of graduate school matriculation in order to actually receive the award.  

Note: Past recipients of Boren Scholarships who go on to attend graduate school are eligible for Boren Fellowships.

Advise students through the application process

Boren Fellowship campus representatives are able to view a list of current and historical Boren Fellowship applicants from their institution.  Campus representatives can then contact the students and offer assistance in the application process. Click here to access the list.  Keep in mind that an applicant will not appear on the list until he or she has selected a graduate institution in the application.

Note: Your user ID is your email address, and you will receive an email that includes your password each September from boren@iie.org.  If you need help accessing your user ID or password, contact 1-800-618-NSEP or boren@iie.org.   

Applicants design their own study plans for the Boren Fellowship.  In all cases, study of a foreign language appropriate to the identified country or region must be an integral part of the proposal.  While some Fellows choose to focus entirely on the language and culture, Fellows may also propose to enroll in additional coursework, conduct research, or participate in an internship (as long as it is an integral part of their graduate program).  Often, Fellows combine at least two and sometimes all three of the above.   Many graduate students work with their academic advisors to develop program proposals for the Boren Fellowship.  A Boren Fellowship campus representative who understands what makes a competitive application and the how to apply can help these students submit successful Boren Fellowship applications.

All complete applications will be reviewed through a multi-level selection process.  Award announcements will be released in early May.

2011 Fellow, Nigeria