David L. Boren Awards for International Study

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Boren Fellowships and The Language Flagship

The Language Flagship, an NSEP initiative, takes an innovative approach to foreign language teaching and learning in the United States. It is designed to help students achieve superior-level proficiency in critical languages. Flagship students participate in intensive language programs offered at selected post-baccalaureate institutions. 

Boren Fellowship funding is available for graduate students who plan to study at a The Language Flagship overseas center or institution. Boren Fellowship funding can provide up to $24,000 for overseas study. Boren Fellowship funding does NOT provide funding for the domestic portion of Flagship programs. 

In order to apply for a Boren Fellowship for overseas Flagship funding you should:

  • Be currently enrolled in a Flagship domestic post-BA program OR be enrolled in a non-Flagship graduate institution and plan on participating in an overseas Flagship program. In both cases, applicants must be eligible for and accepted to the appropriate overseas Flagship program in order to accept the Boren Fellowship for Flagship.  
  • Talk to your on-campus Flagship advisor, as well as your Boren Campus Representative (if applicable). They can both work with you to ensure the strongest application possible.
  • See this “What Makes a Competitive Application” for more information about writing a competitive application for the Boren Fellowship.
  • Complete the program information section of the online application.
    • Question 11 – Select “Language Flagship Program” as the “Proposed Overseas Affiliation Type.”
    • Question 12 – Enter the name of your overseas university as the “Proposed Overseas Affiliation Name” – i.e. Nanjing University
    • Question 13 – If you are currently enrolled in a Language Flagship program, select yes.
    • Question 14 – If you are currently enrolled in a Language Flagship program, indicate which school you attend.

For more information about The Language Flagship, visit http://www.thelanguageflagship.org/

2013 Fellow, Ghana