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South Asian Flagship Languages Initiative (SAFLI)

The South Asian Flagship Languages Initiative (SAFLI) offers Boren Fellowship applicants the opportunity for intensive language study of Hindi and Urdu and cultural immersion by participating in domestic and overseas language programs. The SAFLI program is appropriate for applicants with no language proficiency as well as those with intermediate and advanced proficiency in Hindi or Urdu.

SAFLI applicants must plan to enroll in the official domestic summer program at the University of Wisconsin. The domestic summer program will be followed by the official SAFLI fall program in India. The official overseas fall program is administered through American Councils for International Education and will take place at the American Institute of Indian Studies in Jaipur (Hindi) and Lucknow (Urdu).

Awardees are also encouraged to stay overseas through the spring semester, and must identify a program on their own. Options must include language study, but may also include additional coursework, academic internships, or research.

Application Instructions

Boren Fellowship applicants interested in the South Asia Flagship Languages Initiative should follow the regular application instructions, while also following the below guidelines.

Eligibility and Basic Information

  • Choose India as your country of study

Program Information and Budget

  • Choose Hindi or Urdu (whatever is appropriate) as your language.
  • Select “yes” for “Are you applying for the South Asian Flagship Languages Initiative.”
  • Choose “yes” for the following question, indicating that you will participate in the summer program. The summer program is required for Hindi/Urdu.
  • Select “South Asian Languages Flagship Initiative” as your overseas affiliation. If you will extend into the spring, enter your additional affiliation into the appropriate field.
  • Select American Institute of Indian Studies as the overseas institution.
  • Select “Overseas/Domestic” for your program composition.
  • Program dates will be available in mid-fall. As a placeholder, use the following dates:
    • 6/12/17 as the start date of the summer program.
    • 8/15/17 as the overseas start date.
    • 12/1/17 as the overseas end date, if you are not going to extend into the spring.
  • Use the appropriate overseas end date for your full program, if you are going to extend into the spring.
  • Complete your overseas budget for either the fall only or the fall/spring. (SAFLI fall budget information is not currently available. Should you need to submit the application before this information is available, simply use $0. The Boren Team will update all budgets later, and the fall program will be fully funded.)
  • The Boren Awards do not cover visa or residency permit fees. For more information about the Boren Fellowship budget section, click here.
  • Enter $8,000 for your domestic budget.

For additional questions

Boren Fellowships: boren@iie.org or 800-618-NSEP

Official Domestic and Overseas Program Questions - saflagship@southasia.wisc.edu or 608-261-1194. Website: http://sasli.wisc.edu/SAFLI.html