David L. Boren Awards for International Study

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Boren Scholarship - Find a Study Abroad Program

Identify Programs

There are a number of resources available to you when selecting a study abroad program. Most students consult their campus representative, study abroad office, and Boren Scholarship Staff at IIE. You may also consult IIEPassport, an online study abroad directory with more than 7,000 study abroad programs worldwide.

Consider Program Categories

The Boren Scholarship classifies all study abroad programs as falling into six categories. To view a list of these categories click here.

Consider Length of Study

Boren Scholarships promote long term linguistic and cultural immersion, and therefore study abroad proposals for two or more semesters are strongly encouraged. Preference will be given to undergraduate applicants proposing a full-year academic study. Summer-only programs are limited to science, technology, engineering and mathematic students. Applications for summer-only programs will be considered if the program is eight (8) weeks or more.

If full year opportunities in the same program are unavailable, students may study abroad on two different study abroad programs. We encourage consecutive programs of study; these applications could be for summer and year programs; fall and spring semesters; summer and fall semesters; or spring and summer semesters. These applications would then be considered together, and if the total length of study exceeds six months, they receive preference as a year-long proposal. Applications for two different consecutive study abroad programs must entail study of the same language. Applicants should click here for information about completing the application correctly.

Consider Language Opportunities

The Boren Scholarship emphasizes the importance of language study as a major component of your study abroad program. All study abroad programs do not offer the same opportunities to learn a language. The language component must incorporate opportunities to learn a language in a context that is meaningful to your language proficiency and language learning goals. You should take into account any prior knowledge and experience in the proposed language when selecting and designing your study abroad program. If you already have studied the language, you should consider what opportunities the program will provide for you to advance your proficiency. If you have not studied the language, you should consider what the program offers you in opportunities to make substantial progress.Among the issues you should consider in selecting your program are:

  • Does the program offer language courses that emphasize rigorous study and practical use of the contemporary language leading to increased proficiency in reading, speaking, and listening?
  • How many classroom contact hours are offered in the language study? Will this be sufficient to increase your language proficiency?
  • Are there opportunities to study the language in small groups tailored to your proficiency level?
  • Who are the faculty who teach the language? Are they native speakers with extensive experience in teaching foreign students?
  • Is there a full-time U.S. resident director at the institution who will help oversee your academic and cultural programs and monitor your language learning?
  • Are there serious opportunities for living in university housing or home-stays where the foreign language will be spoken on a regular basis? How are home-stay families selected?

Since the Boren Scholarship encourages students to study in countries whose languages are less commonly taught at U.S. institutions, it is anticipated that many students will not be familiar with the language of their chosen country. Prior study of another language will serve as an indication of interest and aptitude.