David L. Boren Awards for International Study

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North Carolina State University

Raleigh, North Carolina


On-Campus Scholarship Deadline

Date: 12/02/2016

Website: http://fellowships.dasa.ncsu.edu

On-Campus Fellowship Deadline

Date: 12/02/2016

Website: http://fellowships.dasa.ncsu.edu

Boren Fellowship Advisor
Boren Scholarship Advisor
Dr. Tiffany Kershner
Coordinator for Distinguished Scholarships and Fellowships
This campus representative can provide you with information about the Boren Fellowship and Scholarship, help in completing the application, and forward your application for review.
Fellowship Advising Office
Campus Box 8610
Raleigh, NC 27695-8610
United States

Office: (919) 515-2237
Office: tiffany_kershner@ncsu.edu


North Carolina State University Boren Fellow Seeks Answers to Youth Unemployment in Morocco
Oct 5, 2015

NC State News | Matt Shipman Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Nash Dunn, a writer in the communications office of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, youth unemployment rates are some of the highest in the world. Upward of 30 percent of the region’s population younger than age 25 don’t have jobs. That’s more than double the global average, according t...
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Students Receive Prestigious National Study Abroad Scholarships
May 7, 2014

North Carolina State University supports eleven students that have received funding to study abroad for the upcoming academic year. Two international studies majors from NC State have received Boren Awards: Even Gearino, an Honors undergraduate, and Tara Di Cassio, a graduate student. Di Cassio will be doing research on media relations in Jordan, and both students will be enrolled in immersive Arabic language programs while abroad.  ...
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Boren Fellow will Support Public Health in Ethiopia
Jun 3, 2012

Lianne Gonsalves from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has been awarded a Boren Fellowship. She will travel to Ethiopia to study Amharic at Addis Ababa University and also visit local communities to collect data on family planning practices . Lianne will then use this data to design tailored family planning modules. Lianne graduated from North Carolina State University in 2010, where she was recently profiled. Find t...
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