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Emory and Henry College

Founded in 1836, Emory & Henry first opened its doors to students in 1838, and today it stands as the oldest college in Southwest Virginia and one of only a few colleges in the country whose entire campus is listed on the National Historic Register. Affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Emory & Henry remains true to the principles of faith, learning, service, honesty and community that our founders set forth so many years ago.

The college is named after two influential men: Bishop John Emory, an eminent church leader, and Patrick Henry, a renowned patriot of the American Revolution and Virginia's first governor. Bishop Emory symbolizes belief in the union of faith and learning, while Governor Henry represents the commitment to the ideals of freedom and civic virtue.

Today, Emory & Henry is a vibrant, refreshing liberal arts college comprised of young men and women from around the world. Our students gain insight into global issues and politics, a knowledge of how society is shaped and governed, and a realization that they can effect positive change in their world.

Our international programs enrich the learning experience as students become engaged with other cultures, belief systems, languages and customs. Regardless of major, international experiences contribute to the success of students and add to what they bring to the academic program. Emory & Henry students have access to over 150 study abroad programs in more than 40 countries through partnerships with 10 different study abroad organizations. Qualified students spend a semester or summer abroad, or participate in Emory Abroad courses -- short-term international programs led by Emory & Henry faculty. For additional photos and information, visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EHCStudyAbroad. 


Dr. Celeste Gaia
Director of International Education
This campus representative can provide you with information about the Boren Scholarship, help in completing the application, and forward your application for review.
P.O. Box 947
Emory, VA 24327
United States

Office: (276)-944-6917
Fax: (276)-944-6695
Office: cgaia@ehc.edu

This school does not have a campus representative for the Boren Fellowship.  

Graduate Students:

Boren Fellowships do not have an on-campus deadline.  Please complete the online application for the Boren Fellowships by the national deadline date - January 27, 2015. Send supplementary materials to:

Boren Fellowships
Institute Of International Education
1400 K St. NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005

Should you have any questions about the Boren Scholarship or Fellowship, contact us at 1-800-618-6737 or boren@iie.org.