David L. Boren Awards for International Study

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Funded by the National Security Education Program, Boren Awards offer students up to $20,000 annually for study in countries and areas of the world that are critical to US security interests. National security is broadly defined by the program and includes areas of study such as sustainable development and the environment, global health, hunger, population growth and migration, and economic competitiveness. Additionally the program seeks to expand opportunities for significant study of less commonly studied languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Swahili, among others. 

Marquette students applying for a Boren award are encouraged to follow this suggested timeline for awards beginning in 2016-17: 

September 2015:
·         Meet with Campus Representative to set up an advising appointment to discuss initial study abroad proposal.
·         Research program options and obtain detailed information about your study abroad program sites. 

October 2015:
·         Narrow your program choices to two programs.
·         Write first draft of your proposal, linking the Boren Awards program goals to your own academic and professional goals.
·         Have your proposal draft critically reviewed by the Writing Center (Raynor Library, Room 240) and by a minimum of one professor with academic interests related to your field of study and/or proposed country.
·         Revise your proposal and submit to Campus Representative for review.
·         Identify three references whom you can ask for letters of recommendation. 

November 2015:
·         Meet with Campus Representative to discuss your proposal and any further suggested modifications to your written proposal.
·         Make a formal request to your three references for letters of recommendation. Submit your curriculum vitae and your written proposal as well as a description of your proposed study abroad program to your references. 

January 2016:
·         Campus deadline January 4, 2016.         

 February 2016:
·         National deadline February 2016. 


On-Campus Scholarship Deadline: 01/04/2016

Mr. Brock Price
Study Abroad Coordinator
This campus representative can provide you with information about the Boren Fellowship and Scholarship, help in completing the application, and forward your application for review.
Office: 414-288-7289
Fax: (414) 288-3701
Office: brock.price@Marquette.edu