David L. Boren Awards for International Study

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Studying the Ottoman Empire in Turkey

Published in October 2008 Newsletter

A 2006 Boren Fellow from the University of Wisconsin-Madison went to Turkey conduct dissertation research for his doctorate in history. The Fellow researched community reform of the Ottoman Empire during its last years, and also studied Modern Turkish and Ottoman Turkish during his stay in the country.

Before starting his research, the Fellow completed an intensive course in Ottoman and Modern Turkish to attain higher proficiency in the languages. After having completed his formal language study, the Fellow continued to converse in Modern Turkish and began studying Ottoman manuscripts every day. This immersion in the language improved his proficiency in both Modern and Ottoman Turkish.  

The Fellow has had extensive experience with Ottoman Turkish literature and culture. He has taught English in Turkey and assisted professors in classes on Ottoman and Turkish studies. He is especially interested in the historical process of democratization in the Middle East.

After completing his time abroad, he would like to pursue opportunities in government service, particularly at the Departments of State or Homeland Security, before continuing on with an academic career.