2017 Boren Scholarship In-Program Requirements Checklist

While on the overseas Boren funded program Boren Scholars must fulfill certain requirements in order to receive their in-program disbursements. Upload all required documents to the Self-Service Portal by the due date listed below.

In-Program Checklist

For Overseas Programs 

A. Due two days after your arrival in your host country (for all Scholars):

Grantee’s Residence Contact Information

B.  Due 30 days after the start of your overseas program (for all Scholars):

Initial Program Report: Download report in PDF or Fillable Word

C. Due six weeks before third payment (only for Boren Scholars going on an overseas program for six months or longer):

Updated Return Ticket: only if you did not previously submit your return ticket

Mid-Term Program Report: Download report in PDF or Fillable Word

For Domestic Programs (only AFLI and SAFLI)

A. Due one week after the end of your domestic program end date

Domestic Report: Download report in PDF or Fillable Word

If you are unable to upload your documents into the Self-Service Portal or are concerned about due dates, please contact your Boren regional advisor or call 1-800-618-NSEP.

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