7. What happens if a Boren Scholar or Fellow is unable to identify and obtain a position in one of the four “priority agencies?”

All Boren Scholars or Fellows’ Job Search History Log must demonstrate to NSEP that they have made a full and good-faith effort to identify and apply for Federal positions that satisfy the service requirement, especially within the four “priority agencies.” By maintaining detailed log entries, award recipients demonstrate specific efforts that were made to identify suitable job opportunities and, in particular, the types of positions that were available to them at the time they were seeking to fulfill the service requirement. If a Boren Scholar or Fellow is not successful in identifying a position in one of the priority agencies, he or she must pursue employment in another Federal agency in a position with national security responsibilities.  There is an expectation that Boren Scholars and Fellows, while fulfilling the service requirement, will utilize the language or area expertise acquired during the course of the Boren Scholarship or Fellowship.