Assist Students in Choosing Study Abroad Programs or Creating a Study Plan

Boren Scholarships

Applications are evaluated in part on whether the chosen study abroad experience supports their academic and career goals, and whether these goals are relevant to Boren. While the quality of the program’s language component is an important consideration, there are a variety of factors that students should consider when selecting a program.

Boren Fellowships

Fellowship applicants design their own study plans. Study of a foreign language appropriate to the identified country or region must be an integral part of the proposal. Some Fellows choose to focus entirely on the language and culture. Fellows may also propose to enroll in additional coursework, conduct research, or participate in an internship or combination. A Boren Fellowship campus representative who understands what makes a competitive application and the how to apply can help these students submit successful Boren Fellowship applications.

Monitor Online Applications 

As the campus representative, you can view a list of current applicants from your school Including status and email addresses) during the application season. Boren Scholarship Campus Representatives will only see Scholarship applicants listed and Boren Fellowship campus representatives will only see Fellowship applications listed. If you work with both awards, you will see all applicants.

Online Application Manager Instructions

Meet With Students to Discuss Applications

Once the student has selected a study abroad option or created an overseas study plan, he or she should concentrate on developing a competitive application.  View the "" guidelines for What Makes a Competitive Scholarship Application and What Makes a Competitive Fellowship Application. The two essays are a crucial part of the application and usually require multiple revisions. Students are encouraged to get feedback from you, members of the campus review committee, other faculty including their academic advisors, the campus writing center, etc. View the Boren Scholarship essay guidelines and Boren Fellowship essay guidelines and information about how to apply for the Boren Scholarships and how to apply for the Boren Fellowships.

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