Spanish and French Language Proficiency Requirements

In most cases, study of Spanish or French is only permissible if the applicant is at an advanced level of competency, and students should focus on achieving further language proficiency through academic coursework in Spanish or French. However, students at the intermediate level of Spanish or French in the disciplines of the sciences, technology, engineering, or mathematics are also eligible.

Any award granted for the study of Spanish or French will be made contingent upon verification, through testing, of the student's language level. This test will be an oral proficiency interview conducted by Language Testing International.

Applicants can visit the LinguaFolio® Self-Assessment guide for an explanation of competency levels. In addition, applicants may, at their own expense, take a proficiency test in order to assess their ability. Please testing@languagetesting.com or call (914) 963-7110x310 to receive information about registering for a test. Please keep in mind that the Boren Awards will later re-test any potential awardees, and only that test will be considered official by the Boren Awards.

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