Service Agreement FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about the service agreement

4. What is a Boren Scholar or Fellow required to do in order to find a job that fulfills the service requirement?

All Boren Scholars and Fellows must make a full and good-faith effort to identify and secure positions in the Federal Government related to national security. While the NSEP Service Team does provide job search assistance, award recipients must seek employment on their own. Award recipients’ efforts must include creating and regularly updating an online resume at  NSEPnet is made available to hiring officials in various U.S.

15. What is the Intelligence Community?

The Intelligence Community is a group of executive branch agencies and organizations that work both independently and collaboratively to gather the intelligence necessary to conduct foreign relations and national security activities. The Intelligence Community comprises 17 organizations, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).  NSEP award recipients have found work in these and other agencies.

14. What is the Department of State?

The Department of State is the lead federal agency responsible for U.S. foreign affairs.  The Department employs individuals in both civil service and foreign service positions. Many NSEP recipients are currently working for the Department of State as Foreign Service Officers throughout the world and as civil service employees in offices such as the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, among others.

13. What is the Department of Homeland Security?

The Department of Homeland Security’s overriding and urgent mission is to lead the unified national effort to secure the country and preserve our freedoms.  While the Department was created to secure our country against those who seek to disrupt the American way of life, its charter also includes preparation for and response to all hazards and disasters.  NSEP recipients have found employment in many different offices within the Department of Homeland Security, including Customs and Border Patrol, the Office of Domestic Preparedness and the Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

12. What is the Department of Defense?

The Department of Defense (DoD) is responsible for defending the United States of America while helping to promote American interests globally. The department includes all offices and organizations that comprise the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, three military departments (Army, Navy, Air Force), nine (9) Unified Combatant Commands, the DoD Inspector General, fifteen defense agencies, and seven DoD field activities.

2. How much time is allotted to fulfill the service requirement?

Boren Scholars must begin to fulfill the service requirement no later than three years after the date of graduation from, or termination of, the program of study for which the scholarship was awarded.

Boren Fellows must begin to fulfill the service requirement no later than two years after the date of graduation from, or termination of, the program of study for which the fellowship was awarded.


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