Boren Scholarships

<p>Boren Scholarships offer&nbsp;unique opportunities for U.S. undergraduates to study abroad in&nbsp;world regions critical to U.S. interests (including Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America &amp; the Caribbean, and the Middle East). The countries of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are excluded.</p>

Scholarship AFLI - Swahili

Please note that the content below applies to the 2019 application year. Some program information may change ahead of the next application deadlines in January/February 2020.

African Flagship Languages Initiative (AFLI) applicants for Swahili participate in the official summer AFLI program at the University of Florida, as well as the official fall AFLI program in Tanzania administered by American Councils for International Education and hosted at MS-TCDC near Arusha, Tanzania.

AFLI for Boren Scholars

Please note that the content below applies to the 2019 application year. Some program information may change ahead of the next application deadlines in January/February 2020.

The African Flagship Languages Initiative (AFLI) offers Boren Scholarship applicants the opportunity for intensive language study through domestic and overseas language programs in Akan/Twi, French, Portuguese, Swahili, Wolof, or Zulu.

Fly America Act

All Boren Scholarship recipients must comply with the Fly America Act, which requires that all travel supported by federal government funds be on a U.S. flag carrier departing from the United States to the foreign destination and returning to the United States. The only circumstance in which an award recipient can use a foreign flag carrier is when an origin or interchange point is not served by a U.S. flag carrier. An award recipient can use the foreign-flag carrier to the nearest interchange to connect with a U.S. carrier.

STEM Initiative

The Boren Scholarships offer a special initiative for undergraduate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) majors. The scholarships fund up to $8,000 for summer study (minimum of 8 weeks) for students majoring in the STEM fields.

All other applicants must plan to study overseas for at least a semester. STEM field majors are also encouraged to apply for semester and year programs.

Boren-Flagship Initiative

The Language Flagship, an NSEP initiative, takes an innovative approach to foreign language teaching and learning in the United States. It is designed to help students achieve superior-level proficiency in critical languages. Flagship students participate in intensive language programs offered at selected undergraduate institutions. 

22. Are there other scholarships available for study abroad?

Yes. It may be to your advantage to combine funding from two or more scholarship programs. Therefore, Boren Scholarship applicants may apply for and receive scholarship funding in addition to the Boren award. Boren Scholars who are selected to receive other scholarship funding to support their study abroad must notify IIE about their award(s). In some cases, reduced financial need as a result of increased scholarship support may impact the amount of the Boren Scholarship.

20. May I receive more than one National Security Education Program (NSEP) award?

All recipients may only receive one Boren Scholarship; however, if the award was initially for one semester, the student may request an extension for a second semester. Designation of second term awards will be based on performance and availability of funds.

Boren Scholarship recipients who pursue a graduate degree are eligible to apply for the Boren Fellowship


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