Boren Scholarships Application Instructions

Starting an Application

  • Proceed to the online application login and click on the appropriate link.
  • After you enter your email address and a password, the system will email you link from which you can access your application in the future. 

Application System Tips

  • The Boren Scholarships application includes twelve sections, as well as a letter of recommendation section, review application, application summary, and submit application.
  • To view the entire application in order, click "continue" through the buttons at the bottom of each page.
  • You may only use the right navigation to skip from section to section once you have saved at least one field in a particular section. The application saves automatically. You can always change your response later, as long as you have not submitted your application.

Application Sections

Welcome and Overview

  • Campus Deadline  – Clicking on Boren Campus Representative will give you the name and contact information for your campus representative, who can inform you of your campus deadline, which will be BEFORE the application deadline.

Eligibility and Basic Information

You must respond to the first 4 questions in order to proceed with the application.

  • U.S. Citizenship - Only U.S. citizens are eligible for the scholarship.
  • I will be a matriculated undergraduate student at a U.S. college or university as of the Boren Scholarships application deadline – Only matriculated students are eligible.
  • Current Institution as of Application Deadline – Choose your current U.S. institution. Should that change before the application deadline, you may change it later.
  • Proposed Country of Study – Choose a country of study at this time. You may return to change it later.
  • Proposed Language – Choose your language of study at this time. You may return to change it later.

Personal Information

  • Name – Enter your complete and legal name. You may include a preferred first name and former last name if applicable.
  • Mailing Address – Enter your complete current address and phone number.
  • Permanent Address – Enter the address and phone number where you can be reached when you are not at college.
  • Email Address – Enter the email where you would like Boren to contact you.
  • Telephone Number – The country code for the United States is +1, so a U.S. number would be entered +1-202-555-1234.
  • Biographical InformationEnter you Gender, Birthdate, and Country of Residence.
  • Additional Information – Enter the state and Congressional district where you are registered to vote. Visit, to look up your Congressional district if you do not know. Choose yes or no on the question asking whether you are a veteran or in active service to the U.S. military.
  • Voluntary Information – The question on race/ethnic origin is optional. Leaving this question blank will not affect your application.

Educational Background

  • On this page, your current institution of higher education should already be listed from the Eligibility and Basic Information page. You may list up to two additional institutions where you obtained or pursued a degree previously by clicking “Add New”.
  • Clicking on the name of each institution will open a box requesting the following formation: 
    • Institution – Enter the level of study (Undergraduate or Graduate), degree type, date attended from, date of expected degree, major (+ double major and minor if applicable), GPA, and the maximum possible GPA at your institution. Note: the “Date/Expected Date Attended to” field for your current institution should be after the completion of your Boren-funded program.
    • Institution Location – Enter the country, city, state, and zip code for the listed institution.

Transcript Upload

  • On this page, you will have the opportunity to upload transcripts for each of the institutions listed in the Educational Background section. Transcripts may be unofficial.
  • Clicking on the name of each institution will open a box requesting the following formation: 
    • Edit Institution – This information should already be listed from the Educational Background section.
    • Submit Transcript – You may upload one multi-page file in PDF format, or each page in an image format (e.g. JPEG, PNG, TIFF). Once the uploads have been saved, you may return to this page to preview your uploads, replace them, or delete them. 

Employment History

  • Relevant Employment History – You may list up to three current or former jobs relevant to your Boren-funded overseas study or your post-Boren career.


  • Relevant Activities – You may list up to three extracurricular activities relevant to your Boren-funded overseas study or your post-Boren career.

Flagship Language Initiative

  • This page only appears if you selected one of the AFLI, SAFLI, or IFLI countries as your Proposed Country of Study.
  • If you would like to apply for AFLI, SAFLI, or IFLI, select “Yes”. You may apply to study in one of these countries without participating in a language initiative. Please note, however, that French is only a preferred language if studied through AFLI.

Study Abroad Program

  • Your Study Abroad Country and Proposed Language will be auto-populated from the Eligibility and Basic Information page. You must return to that page if you wish to change either.
  • Study Abroad Program Sponsor – Choose the program sponsor from the dropdown menu. If your sponsor is not listed, email with a link to the website of the program. 
  • Study Abroad Program Name – Most study abroad programs have a specific title. Enter it here. If there is not a name, simply re-enter the name of the sponsor. 
  • Proposed Overseas Institution – Choose the overseas institution location of your study abroad program. If the institution is not listed, email with a link to the website of the program. 
  • Study Abroad Program Description – Upload a one-page description of the study abroad program. You may create a screenshot or PDF from the program’s website, or scan a program brochure. If you have more than one program, upload all descriptions here. 
  • Are you planning on participating in separate study abroad programs? – If the program sponsor and overseas institution are the same each term, answer no. If either differs, answer yes. You are expected to remain in the same country for the full program.  
  • Do you have an alternate study abroad program? – You should only select “Yes” if your proposed study abroad country is marked with an asterisk (*) on Boren’s preferred country list.  

Study Abroad Program

  • This page only appears if you selected “Yes” to the question about separate study abroad programs in the Study Abroad Program section. Fill it out according to the directions for that section.

Alternate Study Abroad Program

  • This page only appears if you selected “Yes” to the question about an alternate study abroad program in the Study Abroad Program section. You should only have selected “Yes” if your proposed study abroad country is marked with an asterisk (*) on Boren’s preferred country list.
  • On this page, you will need to select a program in an unrestricted country where you can study the same Proposed Language in an immersive environment.


  • Note that most of the instructions for this section are on the application itself. Note also that there is no incentive for you to underestimate your costs – the amount you estimate will not affect your chances of winning a Boren Scholarship.
  • Program Length – List the overseas start and end dates for your overseas program, and (if applicable) your second overseas program.
  • Tuition and Fees – Includes cost of tuition required to maintain matriculation at home institution.
  • Room and Board – Includes room and board during program breaks spent in country.
  • Airfare – Ticket must be compliant with the Fly America Act.
  • Other Costs – Should include cost of books, local transportation, and insurance for time spent overseas.
  • Financial Aid – This should only include the cost of financial aid that will be applied to program that your Boren Scholarship would fund. Please only include aid that you are certain you will be receiving. This will be deducted from your total amount required.


  • The application includes two essays, with a maximum of 800 words for each essay.

Language Self-Assessment

  • Native Language – Choose your native language.
  • Boren Language – This will auto-populate from the Eligibility and Basic Information page. 
  • Numbers of years studied or spoken – Enter the number of years you have studied or spoken the Boren language. 
  • Language Self-Evaluation – Rate your abilities in listening, reading, speaking, and writing the Boren language. See the language self-assessment guide for an explanation of the scoring system.  
  • You may add the same information for up to four additional languages you have studied or spoken.  

Additional Information

  • Overseas Experience – List up to three non-U.S. countries where you have lived, traveled, or studied. List the three most relevant to your Boren-funded overseas study or your post-Boren career. Please do not double-count time lived, traveled, or studied. You may list zero.
  • Honors and Awards – List up to five relevant honors or awards. You may list zero
  • Other Scholarships or Fellowships (optional) – List up to five additional scholarships for which you have applied that will cover the 2019-2020 academic year. The answer to this question does not impact your Boren application review. 
  • Career Plans – Choose the succinct description of your career plans from the drop-down menu, and describe them briefly in fewer than 100 characters. You should also discuss your post-Boren career plans in detail in your first essay.
  • Additional Information – Please let us know about how you learned about Boren, whether you’ve participated any other NSEP-funded programs, and previous participation in ROTC. If you are an ROTC cadet or midshipman, it is important that you note that on your application so that it may be assigned to a special selection panel.


  • The Boren Scholarship application requires two Letters of Recommendation, and applicants may include a third.
  • Applicants are also encouraged to include a Language Evaluation of the Boren language, which should be filled out by a recent instructor in that language.
  • Visit our page for more information about the letters of recommendation and language proficiency evaluation.  
  • Click “Add Recommender” to enter information on each recommender and select the type of recommender (Letter of Recommendation or Language Evaluation).
  • If you are not ready to notify your recommender, you may select “Save” and come back to the page when you are ready.
  • Once you are ready to notify your recommender, select “Send to Recommender”.
  • If a recommender is no longer able to submit a letter for you, or you entered their information incorrectly, you may click the “Exclude” button on their entry. Doing this will allow you enter a new recommender in their place.
  • If you wish to reinstate a recommender after clicking “Exclude”, you may click the “Reinstate” button on their entry.
  • If your recommender has lost track of the link to submit a recommendation, you may click the “Send Reminder” button on their entry.
  • Please note that the recommendation letter will not be visible to you -- you will only be able to see whether or not it has been submitted.

Submission Agreement

  • Please read and agree to the statement by clicking the box. In order to actually submit the application, you must agree to this statement. Please note that this does not submit your application. First, you will be asked to complete references, review your application, and click the final submit button.


  • This section allows you to see what fields are missing, blank, or not filled out correctly. If any required fields are missing, there will be a link to take you the part of the application to fix the information.
  • If you are experiencing errors that you are not able to resolve, please contact us We appreciate detailed explanations and/or screenshots of the issue.

Submit Application

  • When your application is complete, click on “Submit Application”.
  • If you submit your application in error and would like to have it made editable again, please contact us

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